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Porsche says turbo’d 911 engines will still be revvy

Porsche fans really, really don’t like change. Remember when the 911 moved away from air-cooled engines? Now, as the company prepares to move the vast majority of the 911 line away from naturally aspirated powerplants, one of the brand’s highest ranking officials is speaking out to prevent a similar outcry.

Dr. Heinz-Jakob Neusser, the head of powertrain development for the Volkswagen Group and a board member of the VW brand, told Car that turbocharging won’t take away from the rev-happy nature of Porsche’s current engines.

Turbocharging is possible with higher revs – it’s not true to say that turbocharged engines must stop at 6000rpm,” Neusser told Car at the 2015 New York Auto Show. “That’s not true… If you look at McLaren, they already have in production turbo engines with high revs.”

With turbocharged engines, Nuesser explains, there’s no need to go for a super high redline, because engineers are trying to spread the torque over the entire rev range. “It makes no sense to go to 10,000 rpm with a turbocharged engine,” Neusser told Car.

The other big concern that comes with the switch to turbocharging focuses on the 911’s iconic flat-six exhaust note. Maintaining the car’s well-known acoustic character shouldn’t be an issue, Neusser said. “Noise is not a problem,” adding that the Volkswagen Group knows a thing or two about building sweet-sounding turbos.

“Look at the 911 Turbo; it has an extremely expressive noise today – that is not a problem. At the other end of the scale, the Golf R has it too,” Neusser told Car. “You won’t miss character with turbos, I promise.”

According to Car, the new turbocharged engines will arrive later this year at the 2015 Frankfurt Motor Show, as part of the current 911’s facelift.