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Who wants to pay a million dollars for a VW Beetle?

The Volkswagen Beetle was always envisioned as a cheap mode of transportation, but now one is being offered for over $1 million by a dealer in the company’s home base of Wolfsburg, Germany.

So just what makes this Beetle so special? It’s not the first one made, and it’s not the last one made – but it comes close: This particular example is an Última Edición – one of the final Bugs made in Mexico before production ended even there in 2003. It’s decked out in beige with a black fabric interior and none – repeat, none – of the bells and whistles.

With less than 75 miles on the odometer, it offers one wealthy buyer the rare opportunity to get an original Beetle (not some modernized incarnation thereof) in factory-fresh condition, which no one has been able to do for over a dozen years now. Does that make it worth the million-euro ($1.1M) asking price? Not if you ask us, no. But then we wouldn’t count ourselves among the most dedicated Beetle fanatics out there.