Volkswagen Tiguan tunes up for Frankfurt show

Volkswagen is in the phase of testing where it’s simply beating the crap out of the next-generation Tiguan. The German manufacturer is conducting high-altitude towing tests in the Alps of mules wearing the production-ready body of its second-gen compact CUV.

This is the first time we’ve seen the Tiguan in its production body, and despite the ample camouflage, the resemblance to not only the Passat sedan, but the Cross Coupe GTE and CrossBlue concepts, is clear. That’s particularly true based on what we can see of the new Tiguan’s grille and headlight treatment. In back, the Tiguan will adopt a more sporting roofline, particularly in the aggressive rake of the D-pillar. It’s significantly different than the current car, and frankly, that’s no bad thing.

Expect the usual array of gas and diesel four cylinders with both front- and all-wheel drive on offer. On the high end, meanwhile, our spies claim a 300-horsepower R model could eventually be added to the range.

Aside from its new look, future variants could see the crossover spawn both a long-wheelbase version and a coupe-like model. That said, we’re wondering how a long-wheelbase Tiguan would fit into the VW range alongside the long-rumored, American-built, three-rower. According to our spies, though, neither one of those vehicles would arrive until well after the vehicle shown above debuts.

As for when we can expect to see the second-gen Tiguan, our spies point to September’s Frankfurt Motor Show. Be sure to check back then.