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Recharge Wrap-up: Tesla Model S full speed, Pheonix EVs at LAX

A Tesla Model S driver shows what it’s like to maintain about 125 miles per hour on the German Autobahn. In the video, Bjørn Nyland records his trip from a stop at a Supercharger 25 miles to the Danish border while driving about 200 kph for about 12 minutes. Upon entering the Autobahn, he hits the limiter at about 212 kph, or almost 132 mph. As he’s driving, the car’s estimated driving range adjusts for his speed, and he quickly loses quite a few miles. He doesn’t care, though. He’s having fun. See the video above, and read more at Inside EVs.

Phoenix Cars has provided an Electric Shuttle Bus to an airport parking company at the Los Angeles International Airport. As LAX’s first electric shuttle bus, it is expected to run two shifts seven days a week, saving more than 60 tons of CO2 emissions yearly. The electric shuttle bus will be on display from June 29 to July 2 at the International Parking Institute Conference and Expo in Las Vegas. Phoenix also recently supplied its ZEUS electric flatbed to the US Navy. Read more in the press release below.

Ballard will operate a fleet of eight hydrogen-powered buses in London for an additional five years. Transport for London uses the buses, powered by Ballard fuel cell technology, for its central Covent Garden-Tower Gateway route. The first five buses went into service in 2010 as Transport for London aimed to reduce CO2 emissions by 60 percent from 1990 levels by 2025. The three additional buses joined the fleet in 2013. “This contract extension is a positive endorsement of zero-emission fuel cell technology in transit applications, based on the demonstrated performance of these buses over the past five years,” says Ballard Chief Commercial Officer Steve Karaffa. “Clean transportation is a growing concern for transit authorities globally and our fuel cell modules deliver a proven solution.” Read more from Ballard.

Volkswagen and SAIC are expanding electric vehicle operations in China. The partners will expand the main Shanghai Volkswagen plant to build electric vehicles. “Over the next four years, we plan to localize more than 15 different electric vehicle models in China, including plug-in hybrids and fully electric vehicles,” says Volkswagen’s Prof. Dr. Jochem Heizmann. Volkswagen will also step up fuel cell and plug-in hybrid research in China. In about four years, Volkswagen will build a new EV, based on the popular Lavida, at the Anting plant outside of Shanghai. Read more from Volkswagen.

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Phoenix Cars Supplies 1st Electric Shuttle Bus for Los Angeles Airport (LAX)

Leased EV Provides “DAY ONE” Cost Savings

ONTARIO, Calif., June 3, 2015 /PRNewswire/ — Phoenix Cars LLC, a developer of electric vehicle technologies, today announced that it has provided an Electric Shuttle Bus to one of the nation’s leading airport parking companies. The Electric Bus will be the 1st electric shuttle bus at Los Angeles International Airport (LAX). The bus is expected to perform a 2-shift/ 7-day schedule, which will allow the user to realize an immediate fuel & maintenance savings, and reduce emissions by saving more than 60 tons of CO2 annually versus a conventional shuttle bus.

Phoenix Cars is offering an industry leading lease that allows the customer to realize an immediate savings. Steven Davis, Phoenix Motorcar’s President said, “We offer a game changing lease, which offers the customer an immediate payback, as well as a guarantee on reliability.”

Along with the unique lease option, the bus offers a cost effective pollutant free solution to worksites and municipalities. All vehicles offer unique options such as rapid charging as well as purchase or the leasing options. The Zeus bus is California Air Resource Board-approved and eligible for California HVIP cash incentives of $60,000 – $90,000.

Phoenix has recently begun their emergence into the EV segment by announcing delivery of vehicles to a major providers, JPL (Jet Propulsion Laboratory – NASA), Concurrent Technologies Corporation (CTC) and the U.S Navy.

The EV shuttle bus will be on display at the International Parking Institute (IPI) Conference and Expo in Las Vegas June 29 – July 2, 2015. The IPI conference is the largest educational and networking event for parking and transportation in the world. Traditionally more than 2,800 attendees and 235 exhibitors participate in the 4 day event.